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The Santa Barbara Technology Group is a state-of-the-art business greenhouse located in Santa Barbara, California.  The 40,000 square foot facility provides its high-tech tenants with fast Internet connectivity, flexible web hosting, office, and executive services, and a unique collaborative atmosphere. Geared for early-phase technology start-ups, SBTG is a cost-effective way for  small groups to launch big ideas.

Supplied with dual OC-12 fiber feeds from Cox and Time Warner, the  building can accommodate even high-bandwidth Internet applications, such as video conferencing and realtime imaging. BeckNet provides high-speed Internet service over secure Ethernet VLANs to all tenants, but tenants can also order services directly from any upstream provider. .

The building's vaulted ceilings and open ladder rack cabling system are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. An advanced Avaya Definity phone switch provides advanced telephone capabilities for all tenants, and an environmentally conditioned server room securely houses tenant host systems.

BeckNet supports the facility with 24x7 network monitoring and trouble handling, and provides network engineering services to many of the tenants.

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